Member Training

In-Service Training opportunities with EMG-WA are a great resource to further skills.  If you would like more information or access to the In-Service Training available for previous training videos, please contact EMG-WA at


Date Topic Presenter(s)
November 7, 2022 Best Practice Review and Lessons Learned (past events) Planning Group/Frank Sebastian
October 3, 2022 Personal Emergency Preparedness (keeping ourself and families safe) Scott Preston
September 5, 2022 Cyber Security Casey Hickerson
August 1, 2022 De-escalation teqniques in Difficult Situations Josh Gana/Alli Smith
July 11, 2022 Psychological First Aid Frank Sebastian
June 6, 2022 TBD  
May 2, 2022 Crowd Control / Dynamics (Handling mass disruption/hysteria) Andy Currier
April 4, 2022 Communications Refresher/Logs check in/out protocol Ron Zuber/Alli Smith
March 7, 2022 Intro to Washington State Fusion Center (WSFC) Frank Sebastian/WSFC REP
February 12, 2022 DMR Programming and Use Frank Sebastian
February 7, 2022 Effective Communications with Public/Media & Partner Organizations Gail Coburn/Ted Buehner
January 3, 2022 Maintaining Situational Awareness During Events/Hazard Identification Pat Ducey
November 1, 2021 EMGWA-Working with Vulnerable Populations Alli Smith
October 4, 2021 EMGWA-Stop the Bleed Scott Preston
September 13, 2021 EMGWA-Incident Reporting & Documentation Gail Coburn & Casey Hickerson
August 2, 2021 EMGWA-COVID & Public Strategies Frank Sebastian
July 12, 2021 EMGWA-Event Safety & Security Pat Ducey & Andy Currier
June 7, 2021 EMGWA-Inclement Weather Response Ted Buehner & Frank Sebastian
May 3, 2021 EMGWA-Incident Scene Size Up, Assessment & Survey John Caverly
April 5, 2021 EMGWA-Radio Communications Ron Zuber & Casey Hickerson
March 1, 2021 EMGWA-EOC Operations Josh Gana
February 1, 2021 EMGWA-Principle of Incident Management and Escalation Scott Preston

Training videos are password protected. Please contact to obtain the password.